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I spent hundreds of hours dreaming of the perfect name of a glamour boudoir photography studio. And in my dreams is where I found it: The Fifth House Boudoir.

You see, I am in love with all the magic that this life has to offer. I believe in astrology, fairy tales, karmic paths and an inevitable destiny littered with lessons and gifts along the way.

In astrology, there are 12 Houses to represent every one of the aspects that make up human life. The 5th House is all about love affairs, creativity, sensualness, romance, fun, attention and *gasp* drama. This House celebrates how we play and how we express our uniqueness and creativity.  More importantly, the 5th House is where we burst out onto the scene…  the natural blooming of our character, and in its most concentrated form.

The 5th House is the perfect embodiment of what I want to share with all women… women who are in different seasons in their life, love their bodies, their minds and their stories.

Regardless of who society says you should be, it’s always a good time to celebrate your truest and most sensual self. The Fifth House Boudoir is ready to greet you. 

Won’t you join me on this journey?

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It took me quite a long time to develop a voice...
Now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.

- Madeleine Albright

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5th House Boudoir photographer Dhiana Skrmetti in Gulfport, Mississippi boudoir glamour photography studio, boudoir, photography headshot

Hey, there! I’m Dhiana. Pronounced “Dee-On-Uhh”, or also known as… Dhi. If you’re a weirdo like me and like to know these things: I am a Taurus / Enneagram 6.

Just like every photographer before me, my journey behind the camera started with a fire-burning desire for capturing still moments. Moments I personally wanted to cherish, savoring every last ounce of the excitement felt during that very memory.

Even now when I go through my family albums, the pictures take me back to that moment. I’m 8 years old again sitting at my grandparents’ dining table, smelling their fresh coffee, and listening to their laugher between shared stories of the ‘good old days’.

Why Boudoir: Every woman has her own story. Every woman is a beautiful and fearsome thing to behold. And every woman has that one thing that lights her soul on fire. I learned a long time ago that that one thing for me is: the art that is photography. 

Being an empath, I wanted to find a way to connect my love for photography with my yearning to create a world where women do not compete with each other, but build themselves and other women up. What better way than through boudoir photography? 

I’ve met some absolutely stunning women in my life! Those who are unapologetically themselves and confident in who they are, those who had to fight their way to be where they stand so proudly now. Those women are the most enchanting of all. 

Even if you don’t think you’re worthy, you are. To me, boudoir sessions are more than just showing skin. It’s telling a story, your story… your captivating and passionate story. 

While my goal for your session is to create an unforgettable boudoir experience (and present you with a selection of fine quality art pieces to preserve your gorgeous images), my mission… the real reason I’m here… is for this experience to empower you and let you see what we all see: a powerhouse woman with a stardust soul.



Boudoir photography allows me to show a woman her inner goddess & let her see the genuinely beautiful person she already is.

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