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My Personal tips for nailing your boudoir session

There is a ton of information on how to best prepare for a boudoir session. I’m not saying that it isn’t good to Google this stuff (Google is my bestie), but the truth is that every boudoir photographer has a different style of photography and different thoughts on how to best prepare!
If you’ve been thinking about working with me, I want to lay out exactly what you should do to get ready for your boudoir session. These are simple, actionable tips that come from years of experience shooting sessions. They will go a long way — so trust me, I know they work and won’t steer you astray.

Your comfort is the #1 priority

If you feel stiff or awkward, you won’t be able to truly relax or show off what makes you “you” in your images. So, lean into who you are and what makes you comfortable. You absolutely don’t have to wear special lingerie or strip down if that’s not your prerogative. Instead, embrace other ideas like cute t-shirts, pajamas, robes, dresses, white sheets, etc. Whatever naturally feels the best for YOU is the way to go. Click here to read my blog post on what to wear if you don’t want to wear lingerie. 

Limit distractions

During your boudoir session, you are the key focal point. Keeping your session tasteful and timeless should be a priority. Accessories are absolutely welcome in my Gulfport, Mississippi studio! However, I personally would stay away from wearing super chunky jewelry, overwhelming statement pieces or items that are currently “in”. These take the attention away from you and my goal is to capture the magic of who you are – minus any distractions. I suggest donning your everyday jewelry or a special piece if it means a lot to you or the person you’ll be gifting the album to. We want your album’s images to be timeless like you are.

things to do leading up to Your session

Stretch: you’ll be moving around and posing in all sorts of different configurations during your session — a little stretching beforehand can alleviate any soreness the next day. 
Drink lots of water and moisturize your skin: trust me. Staying hydrated partnered with lotioning your skin will help your skin glow and catch the light in all the right places.
Maintain your self-care: think of it this way, this is a photoshoot to highlight you. So, if you usually get your hair and nails done, get your hair done about a week or two before your session. Do your nails within a week of your session to reduce the chances of chipping or overgrowth. If you decide to do a spray tan, get it at least two days before your session so it has time to set and not rub off. Ms. Tammy with Coast Beach Tan is awesome and will walk you through every step before, during, and after your spray tan. 
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Enjoy the nerves!

It’s 100% normal to be nervous before your session — but try your best to lean into the nerves. Let them serve as an exciting sign of growth! You are doing something you have never done before and getting out of your comfort zone, which is worthy of celebration, even if it’s punctured with a few stomach butterflies. Once you walk in, we will do everything in our power to calm the nerves with a silk robe and mimosas (if you have another drink of choice, let me know!).
If you’re ready to treat yourself to the truly empowering experience of a lifetime, click here to book your session.
I’m so looking forward to making magic with you!


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The 5th House Boudoir’s Dhiana Skrmetti is an intimate portrait photographer located in Gulfport, Mississippi– fifteen minutes west of Biloxi, Mississippi, one hour east of Mobile, Alabama, and an hour and a half away from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dhiana’s true mission in life is to help free women from the chains put on them both externally and internally.  She believes that all women should be empowered through boudoir photography and let them see what we all see: a gorgeous powerhouse woman with a stardust soul.

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