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There seems to be many myths pertaining to boudoir photography. And unfortunately, these boudoir myths prevent many women from participating in this amazing experience! Let’s go ahead and bust some of the biggest myths and ease your fears if you find yourself being hesitant.

I have to lose weight first

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by this thought! If you could see me right now, you’d see that I’m raising my hand as well. But here’s the thing: it is absolutely, 100%, no-bullshit… a myth. A boudoir shoot is more than just the shape of your body, it is a celebration of you and your womanhood. It’s embracing all of yourself and the incredible woman you fought so hard to become. It’s as you are now. Besides, what have I said all along? I got you. With my expert posing, lighting/ using shadows, wardrobe and image composition, you will be looking slimmer than you have ever thought possible!

Your size does not define who you are.

Boudoir is expensive & it would be selfish to spend that money on myself

Boudoir is a luxury experience, yes. It is an investment—but it’s an investment in yourself and your confidence. This is especially something I hear from moms a lot—feeling guilty for spending time and money on themselves instead of applying that money to their kids. Have you ever heard the saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup? It is important for kids (especially for daughters) to have a mom that is comfortable in her own skin and loves and accepts her body wholeheartedly. If you’re a mom (suffering with that mom guilt of spending any kind of money on yourself), then you know how much you want your kids to be able to love & accept themselves without doubt and self-criticism. A boudoir session can be the thing to provide that confidence to you. Not only that, but these portraits will likely be one of the only things you purchase this year that actually appreciate in value over time, unlike that one toy the kids got for Christmas last year that they don’t even remember.

Chances are, you can afford a boudoir shoot—it’s likely more affordable than you’re thinking. Be sure to research and not assume it’s out of your price range. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a stunning boudoir shoot! If you’re wanting to shoot with me, the good news is that I offer different product price options as well as payment plans.

I have to be naked

Well since this blog is about myths, you already know that this is… not true. YOU, and only you, get to decide what you want to wear based off your level of comfort. I have photographed women with varying preferences on how much skin to show. Am I here to help you choose which outfits are worn when and with what background? Absolutely. But my main purpose with boudoir photography is to empower you, in whatever you choose to wear.

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Everyone will see my images

As the client, YOU decide what (if anything) can be used for promotional purposes.

After your shoot we will schedule a date for to review the images and choose your favorites. At that time, you can also decide if there are any images you are willing to let me use for my portfolio. I require explicit permission in writing before I post a boudoir photograph online.

If you decide you don’t want your photographs posted online that’s absolutely fine. I take your privacy very seriously, and only post images with 100% consent of my clients. Read my blog post on your privacy & your images HERE.

I don’t have a partner to give it to / My partner wouldn’t approve

Do you know what this boudoir myth makes me think of? Cher. Yes, that Cher; the icon herself. There was an interview with Cher where she said her mom would get onto for not being married despite reaching fame. “You need to marry a rich man,” her mom said. Cher replied, “Mom, I am a rich man.”

Why wait until you have a partner to treat yourself to one of the most empowering / liberating / confidence-boosting experiences of your life? Be your own rich man– be your own gift giver! Boudoir shoots are the ultimate gift to yourself. These images are for YOU above all else. While some women do book a shoot to give as a gift to their partner, every woman agrees after doing the shoot that it was an ultimate gift to herself. 

I will be judged for it

Your shoot will be exactly what you want it to be, but there is naturally an element of sexuality to it. When it comes to this personal experience, it’s normal to have feelings of vulnerability and the fear of being judged. If you get nothing out of this entire post, please get this: It is not for anyone but you to decide what makes you feel like a queen.

I’m here merely as a facilitator, capturing art through my lens. I absolutely do not judge. In my studio, you are free to be yourself… with your language, emotions, desires and requests. Besides, nobody will see these photographs unless you choose to share them. They can be your little secret!


I hope this post helped bust those boudoir myths that may have been holding you back from booking a session!  It’s a gift for yourself that you will NEVER regret and will love more and more over time.

If you’re ready to book a session, or just want to chat with me about the possibility of a session, please reach out here! I am so excited to meet you.


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The 5th House Boudoir’s Dhiana Skrmetti is an intimate portrait photographer located in Gulfport, Mississippi– fifteen minutes west of Biloxi, Mississippi, one hour east of Mobile, Alabama, and an hour and a half away from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dhiana’s true mission in life is to help free women from the chains put on them both externally and internally.  She believes that all women should be empowered through boudoir photography and let them see what we all see: a gorgeous powerhouse woman with a stardust soul.

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