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GUESS WHAT, Y’ALL?! The ✨stars✨  have aligned yet again for my business! I just leased a new studio in Gulfport and am so freaking excited to share my new, beautiful space with y’all!

So much time and love have been spent creating this intimate boudoir studio just for you! I can’t tell you how many, “Holy shit, is this really happening?!!” moments I’ve had since I found this beautiful studio. 

Of course, with a new studio, this calls for a change in backdrops and decor! Check out the pictures and you’ll see all of my signature furniture– and a few new pieces too! There are other items (*ehem* a clawfoot tub and fireplace, perhaps?) that are in the works too.

Life takes a village and my dream wouldn’t have come to fruition if it weren’t for a few people I need to thank. Please forgive me while I write this sappy part:

  • John, absolutely none of this would have happened without you. From picking out decor together to sweaty furniture building– you are the definition of a ride or die. I love you, My Associate.
  • Kiddos, thank you for being the best big helpers & assisting with moving the decor. It was a true team effort and I thank y’all!
  • Mama, who knew your love for collecting random, beautiful and unique pieces of this world would ever come in handy? You did, of course!  I loved “shopping” with you in your own home, lol. Gracias y te amo, mama!
  • Mr. Will aka Popps, you and I know both that this would have never happened without you and your belief in me. I can’t wait to prove you right! I love you more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for being the best “Evil Stepfather” a girl could ask for!
  • Syssa, you know I never have the words for these things with you because our bond is beyond what words can say. I love you. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone. And for loving Taylor Swift just as much as I do.
  • Dad, thank you for always listening to me and letting me chat with you about all the random things. You’ve always been my cheerleader and I love knowing that you have our backs. I love you!
  • There are so many others but especially my tribe: the friends I’ve made along the way: family, middle school, the gym, work, Mastermind courses and random compliments in elevators. Thank you for being my people.
boudoir album set up with chair, boudoir decor, 5th House, boudoir
ornate gold mirror for boudoir, boudoir mirror with reflection, lit candles in boudoir background, Gulfport, MS, 5th House Boudoir

Okay, okay, enough with the sappiness, amiright? I mean, it’s not like I just won an Academy Award (but it sure as hell feels like it)!! There’s a 10/10 chance that I will literally jump from excitement for months to come so if you see me, please bear with me. 

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think! It’s still a work in progress, but I am absolutely FREAKING EXCITED with how it’s come together so far. While you’re at it, make sure you’re signed up for my exclusive email list so that you’ll be the first to see the newest set: an authentic, brass clawfoot tub 😉.

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I can’t wait to host you in my new studio. I can’t wait to make magic with you. 


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The 5th House Boudoir’s Dhiana Skrmetti is an intimate portrait photographer located in Gulfport, Mississippi– fifteen minutes west of Biloxi, Mississippi, one hour east of Mobile, Alabama, and an hour and a half away from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dhiana’s true mission in life is to help free women from the chains put on them both externally and internally.  She believes that all women should be empowered through boudoir photography and let them see what we all see: a gorgeous powerhouse woman with a stardust soul.

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