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Tanning Before Your Boudoir Session - Should you?

I get a lot of questions when it comes to planning for a boudoir session. A big topic for frequently asked questions? To tan or not to tan! The two key questions I get are: 1) If you should get a tan before your boudoir session and 2) tanning bed or spray tan?

If you know me, you will know that my first response to women who feel they’re too pale, will always be that you are beautiful in the skin you are and should be celebrated as such! So you know though, I personally love the way when I’m tan. I feel extra sassy, ya know? After all, spray tans are a staple in most of our fun events on the Gulf Coast, from weddings to Mardi Gras balls! So, if you’re thinking it would add to your sassiness, you should go for it! I’m here for whatever makes your heart happy because a boudoir experience is worth every ounce of your happiness!


woman in beach water, beach boudoir poses, Coast Beach Tan, Gulfport Mississippi, Fifth House Boudoir partnerships, boudoir and tanning

Now that we’ve decided to get a tan, we need to decide if we want to go with a tanning bed or spray tan! Good news is that if you were thinking to hold off on booking your boudoir experience until the summer, tanning beds are readily available so you don’t have to wait for then. Before using a tanning bed though, I want you to remember that tanning beds prematurely age and damage skin. Fortunately, there are healthy ways to achieve that summer

glow without permanently damaging your skin. I’ll always encourage your natural, healthy skin so a spray tan, or airbrush tan, is an excellent solution for some quick, easy and temporary color that looks natural.

Fortunately, the Biloxi and Gulfport areas have great options for spray tans, a quick and easy way to get a quick glow without breaking the bank! And even more fortunately, there’s one we’ve been working with that lives to empower women just like we do at The Fifth House Boudoir. Coast Beach Tan in Gulfport, is a full-service spray tanning and beauty bar. They offer both in-studio and mobile spray tans with light contouring, which can highlight your natural shape and muscle definition. The owner, Tammy, is the featured model for this blog post, by the way! Isn’t she gorgeous?! Click here to see some of my favorites from our collab photo session.


And guess what?! Tammy and Coast Beach Tan have a sweet offer when you book your boudoir experience with The Fifth House Boudoir, you’ll receive 20% off the 35-minute Signature Beach Glam session!  

Side note: There are a few things I want you to remember with getting a spray tan: an orange skin tone is very hard to fix in the editing process, so make sure that you use a product/go to a professional that you trust, which is why I go to Coast Beach Tan. Her skill is unmatched, and she offers a complimentary color match skin assessment to make sure she gets your perfect golden color. Be sure to get your spray tan no less than two days before your shoot so that the product has had time to fully develop and won’t rub off on fabrics and furniture.

Questions? I got you, honey! Visit our Get In Touch page and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have! 

woman in beach water, beach boudoir poses, Coast Beach Tan, Gulfport Mississippi, Fifth House Boudoir partnerships, boudoir and tanning, Tammy

Coast Beach – The Fifth House Collab Session – Gulfport, MS – 2022


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The 5th House Boudoir’s Dhiana Skrmetti is an intimate portrait photographer located in Gulfport, Mississippi– fifteen minutes west of Biloxi, Mississippi, one hour east of Mobile, Alabama, and an hour and a half away from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dhiana’s true mission in life is to help free women from the chains put on them both externally and internally.  She believes that all women should be empowered through boudoir photography and let them see what we all see: a gorgeous powerhouse woman with a stardust soul.

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